Unique Elite Reverse Perspective lens, Arri PL mount

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Unique Elite Reverse Perspective lens, Arri PL mount

This is unique lens with reverse perspective optics.

In few words, this means following: in usual world and with usual lenses if you place two objects of same size at different distance, closer object appears larger.

With reverse perspective lens things are different - closer object of same size appears smaller. Sample images were took with Canon EOS 7D. The lens vignettes on its sensor, so some crop will be necessary for prints.

Similar effect was used since old times in Russian Orthodox icons.

The lens has aperture control (T/1.3 - T/16), perspective angle control (from 2 to 15 degrees), and focus control (limited within 20mm - 750mm range).

You may find more info on the reverse perspective online.

The lens is quite heavy - about 15 kg plus box.

Suggested retail price is $36000 as far as I know. We can offer it cheaper.

Couple of test videos with a tin can are available at:



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