Shipping Policies

We ship orders within 1 business days usually. Insurance isn't offered. Please be patient. Depending on a shipping method you choose, delivery may take few weeks or even longer. Here is approximate delivery time for each shipping method:

Priority Mail: 10-20 days, trackable; most common shipping method for non-expensive items. But delays up to 2 months noticed to some countries like Germany.
Express Mail (EMS, aka USPS Express International): 5-10 days, trackable and reliable; recommended for more expensive items. You can track items at (for USA) or at EMS tracking site of your country (search it yourself using a search string like 'EMS tracking Italy' in Google).
Keep in mind that not every country has agreement with Belarus about tracking info sharing. This means that in some countries you'll be able to track shipment since it's registering at Belarus acceptance offince, in other countries - only after the shipment arrive at your country customs.

FedEx: 2-4 days (expensive but very fast).
Air Freight: 3-5 days (the ONLY shipping method for heavy cargo over 30kg); you'll have to pick up the cargo in your nearest International Airport. Positive side is that the cargo will be insured.

If you want to choose Air Freight, contact us for price quote and other details.

To get a shipping charge quote for other methods, please add all necessary products to yor shopping cart and click 'get a quote' button in the cart then. You don't need to register/login to estimate shipping.

If you have any questions regarding items you want to buy, please ask your questions BEFORE purchase.

We do not accept orders from and do not ship to some countries like Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam. Also, we do not accept credit card info for direct processing. Please do not ask.


I found very useful tracking tool at - it traces a shipment in the source country initially, and allows to select a destination country to check if there is more info on the shipment.

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