Horizont - Russian panoramic camera

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Russian panoramic camera

This is the second major Soviet design for a panorama camera. It is basically a redesign of the FT-2. Like the FT-2 it uses a curved film plane and a sweeping lens. But there the similarity ends as it is much more modern looking and uses a removable optical view finder. There are three different handles for this camera, the earliest had a round solid aluminum handle. The next had the round aluminum handle with a compartment for the filter and the majority have a black square tapered handle. The rarest accessory for these cameras are the filters. There are a yellow green and a skylight filter in a square black holder with a flat spring on one side. They are extremely rare I have seen over 100 cameras and only one filter. Apparently, although they were provided with the camera, they have all been lost.

The camera is finished in chrome and black with black nylon fabric. The front of the camera bulges for the lens assembly. In the upper right corner is an accessory shoe for the viewfinder and in the upper left is the name plate. The name plate is always divided into two sections, with the top being chromed and the bottom a solid color and with reverse colored lettering. The most common nameplate has Horizont on top and the KMZ symbol on the bottom. Occasionally you will see Horizont Revue made for German distribution. It can also be found marked Global-H.

On each corner is a rotating shoulder strap lug. On the top right is a recessed rewind knob that pops up. It is normally covered by the viewfinder. In the center over the lens is a set of stacked control knobs. On the top is a film reminder. Next is the aperture control with settings of 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11 and 16. The bottom dial is thee shutter speed dial with settings of 30, 60, 125 and 250. On early cameras 250 is not engraved there is just a dot but the speed is there. On the right is a threaded shutter release and a wind knob with film counter.

On the bottom is a quarter inch tripod bushing and film release button. The handle screws into this bushing.

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