KMZ (LOMO) 2/50mm lens RO3-3M, OCT-18 Konvas mount, #117411

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KMZ (LOMO) 2/50mm lens RO3-3M, OCT-18 Konvas mount, #117411

The lens was made at KMZ factory (Krasnogorsk) in 1950's. Quality is similar to LOMO.

The lens purposed for 35mm film movie cameras (16x22mm frame size), but it covers much larger area including full 35mm still frame (24x36mm) of my Zenit SLR. But back focus is quite short, so it will not reach infinity focus on SLRs. Will work perfectly on hybrid (non-reflex) cameras on the other hand.

The lens is good choice for someone who wants to add cine-like impression to his digital footage. It has shallow depth of field, so it allows highlight of a sharp subject against out-of-focus background.

Used condition. Mechanics work fine. Front and rear elements have many cleaning marks.

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Manufacturer KMZ
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