Lenses for movie cameras.We deal with different makes, but most of our lenses are LOMO.

LOMO is the optical factory in St.Petersburg that made excellent lenses for movie cameras for decades. Most prominent LOMO lens series is OKS.

After USSR fall, some other companies started to make lenses instead of LOMO - A.O.Optika, Optika Elite etc.

Many users report that quality of LOMO lenses is comparable with Zeiss at much lower cost.

As to LOMO anamorphics, they are superior to Western lenses in terms of view angle and image quality.

Most LOMO lenses follows standard naming pattern described below:

[FF]TYPE-FL-MOD, where
FF - Film Format (can be 16, 35, 70); in case of 35mm film primes this part is omitted often;
TYPE - objective type abbreviation (see explanation below);
FL - Focal Length in mm;
MOD - number of design modification, I believe.

LOMO zoom lenses have a code only. You need a table to learn what parameters have such lens.

Abbreviations for LOMO lenses:


Russian appearance





Prime lens (standard and fast)

OKS3-22-1 - 22mm lens for 35mm film


Zoom lens (lens with variable focal length)

35OPF29-1 - 25-80mm zoom lens


Anamorphic block (as single piece)

35BAS23-2 - 2/75mm round front anamorphic lens



Anamorphic attachment (spherical lens + coupled front anamorphic part)

35NAS10-3 - 35mm square front combo


Projection anamorphic attachment

35-NAP2-3M - projection anamorphic attachment for 80-140mm lenses

As to lens manufacturers, I don't know exact history, so lets start with just listing them.

  • KMZ - Krasnogorks Mechanical Factory

  • CKBMK - Central Design Bureau of Cinematography (next-to-last "M" meaning is unknown to me yet)

  • CKBMK - Central Design Bureau of Cinematography

  • Lenkinap - Leningrad factory of Cine Equipment

  • LOMO - Leningrad Optial and Mechanical Association

  • NPO "EKRAN" (looks like "3KPAH")



A buying guide to LOMO lenses by Paolo Perelli


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