44mm microscope dovetail (Zeiss Standard) to M42x1 thread adapter

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44mm microscope dovetail (Zeiss Standard) to M42x1 thread adapter

Here is the list of microscopes where it will fit:

Zeiss microscope labeled West Germany, Germany or Opton:

To fit the binocular/trinocular head are:

Standard series: GFL, WL, RA, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 25 ICS, and any other numbers or versions (all the black, grey and yellowish white versions) with the exception of the last white and grey Junior models.

- Inverted microscopes of the same era like the Invertoscope and IM series

To fit the upper phototube (and also the binocular head mounted in horizontal position)

Universal, Photomicroscope and Ultraphot.

To fit the light source:

- All Standard, Universal, Photomicroscope, Ultraphot and inverted series, but only the versions with rear external lamp houses (like the 60, 50, 100) and also its Fluorescence illuminators for mercury burners 50,100 and 150, and some epiilluminators. The spherical "pumkin" lamphouses have a much wider diameter mount

The same dovetail is also employed in some black old photo attachments and some rare Zeiss industrial microscopes.

More Information
Adapter Front Side Dovetail 44mm
Adapter Rear Side M42x1
Material Aluminium
Manufacturer RafCamera
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