LOMO OKS11-35-1 2/35mm lens, OCT-18 Konvas mount, #840372

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LOMO OKS11-35-1 2/35mm lens, OCT-18 Konvas mount, #840372

The lens was made at famous LOMO factory in 1984 (#840372). This is very last modification of standard 35mm primes in the OKS series.

It is purposed for 35mm film movie cameras, but covers larger area. Back focus is quite short, so it will not work with reflex DSLR cameras. But it works fine with hybrid digital cameras.

The lens has so called OCT-18 mount for turret Konvas. You can use it with other cameras if you have corresponding adapter.

Very good appearance.

Mechanics is fine. Aperture ring has click stops. Some oil on blades.

Glass has some cleaning marks  Main problem are two oil spots inside. One is in the center of rear element, other is closer to edge. You'll not see any effect of them if aperture if fully open. But when you stepping down, center of the image starts to loose sharpness. You can notice this from about T/8. The picture is worst at T/22. So, you'll be able to use this lens at wide open apertures only unless you want to add that scary effect intentionally.

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