Optical Block of LOMO OKS6-75-1 2/75mm lens, #820192

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Optical Block of LOMO OKS6-75-1 2/75mm lens, #820192

The lens was made at LOMO in 1982. It is last known modification of the 75mm OKS lens line. So, I believe that it should have great optical quality.

For sale is optical block only. It has no focusing mount, so you'll have to adapt it to your system yourself.

Cine optics gives soft image. 75mm focal length is one of the best choices for portrait photography. The lens covers full 35mm frame (24x36mm) easily (though it was purposed for 35mm cine cameras). Depth of field is shallow enough to separate an object from background clearly, that gives excellent impression and add cine-like feeling to a video shot with such lens. Combine all this factors, and you'll understand why so many people hunting for such lenses to adapt them for their DSLR's and camcorders.

Some dimensions:

Max. diameter: 53 mm
Mount diameter: 40 mm, then 44x0.75mm thread
Length: 66 mm
Weight: 250 g

Acceptable condition. Mechanics is fine. Glass needs internal cleaning - quite much dust and dirt inside.

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Manufacturer LOMO
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