Fine Focus Spur Gear for Nikon S Microscope, nylon

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Fine Focus Spur Gear for Nikon S Microscope, nylon


Chosen material turned out to be wrong. These gears got out of tolerances just laying on a shelf. Seems to absorb humidity and increased its size by about 1%. Not too much, but enogh to have two issues:

1. Loose fit on the shaft.

2. Tight fit in gears coupling.

So, I'm selling them cheaper than their production cost just to not dispose them. May be someone will be able to fit them well - depends on tolerances and wear of microscope gears.


Nikon S is old series of microscopes, but they still serve fine nowadays.

This series is known to have a problem with fine focus spur gear being cracked.

Here is replacement spur gear made of nylon.

Replacement is simple and requires a screwdriver and pliers only.

I'll prepare detailed replacement procedure description later, but basically it has few steps:

1. Remove fine focus knobs.

2. Remove cover of the focusing mechanism on the left side (where tension control is).

3. Pull inner axle with bearing and broken spur gear.

4. Place new spur gear over bronze ring on the ball bearing. This requires some effort and more simple to do using pliers.

5. Assemble all parts back carefully.

6. Enjoy!

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